Seasoned Clinical Dietician and Sports Nutritionist

Zainab, a seasoned Clinical Dietician and Sports Nutritionist with an extensive 17-18 years of experience in the field. Zainab specializes in assessing individual nutritional needs and crafting customized diets and nutrition programs to promote optimal well-being. Armed with a strong educational background with a BhSc in Nutrition, PGD in Sports Science & Nutrition, and an MSc in Clinical Dietetics & Food Service Management,

Diverse professional roles, including 7 years as QA-Subject Matter Expert and Sr. Nutritionist at Healthifyme

Additional 3 years as a Nutritionist & Fitness Consultant at Gold’s Gym. Experience with R.R.O Oils Ltd on a project with Asian Heart Hospital

Served as a Senior Clinical Dietician at Lilavati Hospital & Research Centre for 3 years

Currently, Zainab is making a meaningful impact as a Partner Outreach and Program Coordinator with Women In Sport India, showcasing her dedication to advancing women's participation in sports.

Engages the public through health columns in newspapers like TOI and magazines therby imparting valuable knowledge to the public.

She demonstrates commitment to ongoing learning through certifications in Paediatric Nutrition, HACCP, CDE, WISI Sprint Mentoring Program, and Sports Specific Nutrition Management from ASNFS.

*Embrace a well-being journey with Zainab, leveraging her wealth of experience and commitment to guide individuals toward their health goals.*


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